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Leslie Darden
Executive Administrator

Leslie Darden has had over 20 years dedicated in office administration, management, corporate and residential restructuring and organization, sales, business ownership and a variety of service oriented positions. Her heart and passion is to bring continuity, peace and simplicity to organizations for better functionality and growth potential.  Her diverse career experience and relational skills has been a stepping stone for her to launch her own cleaning and organizing business in 2008.

Leslie acknowledges and trusts in the large network of business and personal relationships God has placed throughout her lifetime and recognizes and appreciates their divine purpose.  Leslie’s strong desire to connect others has spurred her the nickname,” The Networker”, among her family and colleagues. She enjoys leading people to people, and people to resources to help them achieve their goals. Her passion is to see obstacles removed in people’s lives by de-cluttering and simplifying so they can live productively and to reach the potential God has for them.

Leslie Darden enjoys spending time with her husband, Chris, and her daughter Grace. They reside in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.  Chris and Leslie have served for 12 years in a variety of ministries including youth, hospitality, connections, security, mentoring, local missions for teen pregnancy, leading small groups, and meal ministry. Her faith and long desire to serve in missions has brought her to serve at MEDIC as Executive Administrator to help assist in building God’s kingdom through administrative and organizational efforts.