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MEDIC is a pioneering faith based economic and community development organization.

Our work focuses on providing economically sustainable opportunities to those at the grass roots level, generally the poorest of the poor in developing and in developed nations.

The key platform that launches this work is a holistic enterprise-development program that encompasses micro-business training, micro-business finance, instruction in a range of life skills, and child education for the poor.

Our programs transform lives by unleashing the belief that the poor can succeed when given the right opportunities, built around a strong values based approach. Our work is predicated upon a framework of Judeo Christian based principles, social responsibility, and community involvement.

These principles have been foundational to the moral and ethical codes of our society for generations. We believe these same principles are the core values that lead to personal and national achievement.  We believe that as a Christian organization, we must strive to educate, preserve, promote, and protect these high standards of conduct, moral and ethical values in everything we do.