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Value-based education is a huge stepping stone to a transformed life and we are always looking for new opportunities to invest in the advancement of education in the areas of the world where we are involved. MEDIC currently supports several value-based elementary and secondary schools. We provide financing to these schools for everything from building repairs and school supplies to scholarship opportunities. Past projects include a children’s shelter that provides room and board in West Africa and a Gypsy community center in Ukraine.

Micro-Business Training provides the tools and skills for success for those that have the desire, motivation and vision to operate a small business and provide for their families. All our Micro-business programs are based on the Trust Bank model in which individuals are entered into a group of like minded team members, which serves as a support system to keep them on track and profitable. The dynamic of the group adds the needed element to provide the fortitude and incentive to keep moving forward. Because of the Trust Bank model the percentage of repayment on their micro-loan is 98% which is unheard of in the conventional banking world.