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Building sustainable communities with hope for the future.

We believe the gateway to a truly transformed life is through hope. When hopes enters the situation, everything changes. Our experience tells us that when you give someone an opportunity to better themselves and the means with which to do it, hope enters in. No longer is it just a “hand out” but rather a “hand up”!

Our programs are built around injecting hope into someone’s circumstance while preserving self respect and dignity. This can provide the key to freedom from a poverty mindset. It not only changes someone’s life, but also starts the process of changing their community.

We take a holistic approach to helping those in need. We are not just providing a single avenue of growth, opportunity, or change. We tackle poverty from all sides, training, finances, value-based education, health care, and spiritual guidance. We help those who need it, help themselves and therefore change their lives.

We implement this mission, as opportunities open, through our international network of economic and community development affiliates. Some of these affiliates are inclined more towards the role of sponsoring other affiliates with financial and human resources. Other affiliates implement programs directly in their area. In all cases, each affiliate depends on funding from donors and investors like you.

When planting a new affiliate in a chosen area, it is preferred to begin with natives from the ground up. This way each location takes on the personality of their particular region and culture, and each affiliate has the flavor of its own fresh vision.  Each affiliate is trained independently. They all follow the principals of democratic governance, and although all operate under the framework of the overall mission, each one adopts their own mission strategy, fine tuned to local needs. All under the guidance and approval of the International Board.