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We believe our innovative approach to micro-finance combined with essential values can effectively displace the burdens of community and individual poverty, providing a path to a brighter future. Our programs focus on our four pillars philosophy of comprehensively enabling the individual for sustainable success.


Enterprise Development Program allows us to encourage and train individuals in the ways of ethical business practices, basic marketing skills, simple accounting, and relationship building. These life changing methods not only change the individual’s life style, but it changes their hearts and the way they see their community.

Micro-Finance Loans are an essential next step to the development program, allowing individuals that have completed the training to apply for small business loans.

Trust Banks serve as the method of delivery for financed loans. Trust bank groups meet on a monthly basis and serve a support group as well as networking in their business and encouragement from fellow business owners.


School Buildings are an essential element to education, which is key component to escaping poverty as an individual.  MEDIC currently supports several value-based elementary and secondary schools, a children’s orphanage that provides room and board as well as an teaching, and a Gypsy community center.

Micro-Business Training provides the tools and skills for success.

Students and Teachers Sponsorships link compassionate and philanthropically minded donors to individual motivated and aspiring needy students and teachers all over the world through our partnership with Futures for Kids.


Basic Needs Education is an important part of our what we do. Within communities burdened by poverty westerners can barely fathom, basic knowledge of hygiene, this or that are missing. By addressing these basic human needs, the individual is enabled to focus on taking care of others, providing for themselves, and other ‘higher’ needs.

Medical Supplies and Equipment to rural pharmacies and clinics help communities meet some basic care needs. We help provide some of the technology that seems commonplace and often taken for granted in the US, and that is often impossible to provide to hard to reach villages.

Mobile Clinics are one of the methods we use to distribute medical supplies and bring medical technology and skilled physicians to areas that are typically inaccessible. We currently support a Clinic in Benin West Africa and have conducted dental clinics in Gypsy Villages in Ukraine. We are also honored to collaborate and work alongside Mercy Ships International, ocean vessels that provide floating hospitals and specialized health care to poor port communities around the world.

Medical Ministry Trips provide many of our physician partners to realize their philanthropic desires while bringing expert care to under-served locations in our affiliate countries.


It is our love of God that inspires us to help and serve all people and we strive to bring that philosophy to those we serve.

Many of our trust banks and programs have been propelled through local congregations with the support of their local pastors. As requested, we support them as desired with discipleship programs, training, and conferences.