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Mission Impact Investments

We raise capital from individuals, institutions, corporate, public and private sources including trusts, foundations and foundation program related investments (PRI’s) to on lend capital to benefit those whom both we and our investors intend to serve whether the funds are designated for local or for global micro finance and economic development projects. The result is that MEDIC is able to provide a double bottom line return providing financial benefits to our investors, as well as  mission impacts for those in need by transforming their lives.

We work with persons, groups, and Foundations interested in not only donating but also in investing in our micro finance and economic development projects. Investments through a Loan Note to MEDIC earn a modest financial return for the investor, but also create a community impact bottom line where your investment is put to work in transforming and transforming lives.

Every dollar invested goes to a professionally managed economic development project or portfolio of high impact micro finance projects creating jobs, and  training, promoting education, health, values, and transforming people.

Our team uses industry-leading due diligence to carefully screen each project we provide funding to through these investments. In fact, we have a 100% repayment rate to our investors in the program; and have provided economic opportunities to thousands of the poor.

We will work on a case by case basis with Investors interested in the double bottom line impact who want to make investments ranging  from as low as $5,000 to $1 million, earning interest rates of 0% to 5%, with loan terms from 1 to 5 years. We will discuss each investment directly with you.  Even bring your project ot us and let us structure how to make it a reality.

We have team members on board who have successfully invested millions in impact investments.

For Foundations or larger investors MEDIC can serve as an intermediary or steward for capital contributed by conducting marketing, outreach, structuring and managing investments, even special purposed project placed in the Fund in accordance with Fund guidelines and policy.

MEDIC differentiates itself though its values based innovative and collaborative approach to community development linking donor and investor to a mission of transforming lives and building communities.

Mission Impact investing is a way to put feet to our faith and channel public and private investment to improve the quality of life for the poor, and those marginalized from the credit mainstream, or for projects that have gaps in their financing structures.

Our Project Filters are as follows:

  • Needed Services related to or that promote healthy communities, healthy food access, education projects, child care, access to transportation, access to jobs, day care facilities, affordable housing.
  • Economic Development Quality job creation, infrastructure development, business expansion, facilities and equipment acquisition, working capital and equipment loans, trust bank and trust group credit projects.
  • Sustainable communities (mixed use/income smart growth, environmentally focused community investment) New technologies.
  • Sustainability Element The project must be sustainable or lead towards an improved quality and sustainable life, sustainable community, sustainable environment, either physically, mentally, socially or spiritually.