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At MEDIC International, we believe our work is making a difference. Knowing the great need
in the world, we respond to the call to not only care for the poor, but help them build healthy lives and communities. We have entered the war on poverty with a unique strategy. Our target has been the poorest of the poor all over the world, and our goal has always been providing a hand up rather than a hand out.

We believe that by following the MEDIC model, we can displace the burdens of poverty and ensure lasting success to individuals, families, and communities. We currently work in 11 countries across the globe, always focused on helping those living in extreme poverty transform their lives, not just increase their income. Referred to as our four pillars philosophy, we focus on building up many areas of strength to ensure those we help are sustained through the buffetings of life and hardship that inevitably come after we or other support systems are gone.



Our micro-enterprise development program allows us to encourage and train individuals in the ways of ethical business practices, basic marketing skills, simple accounting, and relationship building. Challenged with creating sound business plans, micro-entrepreneurs are mentored and supported to actualize their desires to work hard and provide for their families. These life changing methods not only change the individual’s life style, but it changes their hearts and the way they see their community.

Once completing the training program, selected candidates apply and qualify for a small business loan through our micro-finance program. Micro-loans are distributed and guaranteed by their class cohorts in a Trust Bank. Trust Bank groups meet on a monthly basis and serve a support group as well as networking in their business and encouragement from fellow business owners. To us, its not just a loan, it’s an invitation to freedom for those captive to poverty. Our Village Trust Bank method stands as being one of the most effective and sustainable way to help people attain a better life for themselves.


As a key components to alleviate poverty, value-based education is essential to the rising generations in villages all over the world. MEDIC currently supports several value based elementary and secondary schools, a children’s orphanage that provides room and board as well as an education, and a Gypsy community center. Providing opportunities many children never thought possible, we believe we are teaching the power of compassion toward humanity and encourage others to practice charity and love in their communities.


Through dedicated investors and financial provision from grants, we provide medical supplies and equipment to rural pharmacies and clinics, helping our human family meet their basic needs.

Our goal is to mobilize basic health care needs to areas that are typically inaccessible. We currently support a Clinic in Benin West Africa and have conducted dental clinics in Gypsy Villages in Ukraine. We are honored to collaborate and work alongside Mercy Ships, an organization with ocean vessels equipped as floating hospitals and specialized health care to poor port communities around the world.

Health care is a huge need of the underprivileged and we feel compelled to address the need whenever and however possible.


We believe that throughout history, people with faith, hope, and love have proven stronger than the ills that befall them. Even though it is our hope that our Christian philosophy will inspire the spiritual side of whomever we reach, we respect the many different religions and cultures we serve. Trust Bank members include and serve many with varied beliefs. It is our love of God that inspires us to help and serve all people.

Many of our trust banks and programs have been propelled through local congregations with the support of their local pastors. As requested, we support them with discipleship programs, trainings, conferences, and other services.